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We have IDE at Home -> Vanilla Vim


> The following is a markdown presentation. I use presenterm to render presentations from the terminal.

Vim as a full IDE without Plugins

And you thought it couldn’t be done. Weak!


  • You know the basics of how to use Vim

Basic Usability Config

  • First we need reasonable config
  • this is pretty minimal
 " Set your configuration to some reasonable defaults
 set nocompatible              

 " Enable line numbers
 set number

 " Enable line indenting
 set autoindent
 set smartindent

 " Enable syntax highlighting
 syntax on

 " Enable search highlighting
 set hlsearch

 " set clipboard=unnamedplus
 set clipboard+=unnamed

Windows, Buffers, Splits

Resizing and managing Windows

ctrl-w Then some stuff

The integrated Terminal


Netrw - your file explorer


Making windows feel familiar

Now we have all the ingredients we need to setup a familar window layout

  • File Drawer on the left
  • integrated terminal at the bottom

File Drawer with NetRW in a window

vnew | Ex | 20wincmd <

This pipes 3 commands together

  • make a new vertical split
  • open the NetRW file explorer
  • run the wincmd that reduces the width of the panel 20 times
    • for some reason you can’t do wincmd 30 < like you can 30 < but hey, we have ex commands repeat thingy

Integrated terminals

rightbelow sp | 20wincmd - | term ++curwin

Similar to the previous one

  • this creates a split below
  • reduces its size 20 times
  • opens a terminal in the current window (without ++curwin neovim will spawn this in a new split instead of the one we just made)

Vim has surprisingly great tools for file navigation

Find - :find
setpath +=

Session Management

Takes the current set of buffers, tabs, windows, etc. and saves it as a vimcript where you are

Create asession


load with

vim -S Session.vim 

Session Automation