Hey, I'm Nathan

I'm an incoming PhD student at the University of Toronto's Intelligent Adaptive Interventions Lab.

I create Self-Personalizing Open Education Resources using Large Language Models, Bayesian Machine Learning, and Adaptive Interventions.

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The Computing Councils of Canada

Founder, Former President

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The Academic's Field Guide to Writing Code

Founder, Editor, Writer

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PI, Lead Developer

๐Ÿ’ป Developer, Founder

I've been known to dabble with code and found a community or two.

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๐ŸŽ“ PhD Student

My work combines Adaptive Experiments, Large Language Models, and modern Developer Tools to streamline the creation and comparison of educational materials.

I want to make the best learning materials freely available to anyone.

Here's some of my work

Using A/B Testing as a Pedagogical Tool for Iterative Design in HCI Classrooms


#ABTesting #IterativeDesign

Venue: EduCHI 2023

Code Smells as a Framework for Automated Feedback for Novice Programmers


#CodeSmells #ImmediateFeedback

Venue: ICERI 2021

Toward a Computational Thinking Paradigm

Master's Thesis

#ComputationalThinking #CSed

Venue: Guelph Atrium

Designing, Deploying, and Analyzing Adaptive Educational Field Experiments



Venue: SIGCSE 2023

๐ŸŽค Speaker

I can get on a soap box ...

Here's what that sounds like