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Clockwork and Clay

Clockwork and Clay


We sired life in bronze and steam and lured in our clockwork Eve

When this the child of man claims its patricidal throne we’ll wonder how we failed to learn from the Gods that came before us


Who of us will learn to breathe the smoke and steam that rises form the orchards of Turing’s Eden


the flame for us

the bolt for you

when you’ve stolen for your children what will be left between their Athens and your Olympus?


We fed the apple to silicon and steel

What right have we to ask it how it came to know?


Ichor to iron to oil

flesh to clay to copper

what have we lost

in the image of an image?

What are you but the shadow of a shadow?


When our promethean pursuit is complete

and we’ve fashioned a likeness of our own

will we be elevated - Man to God?

will we be relegated - toy to relic?